Mosquito nets are a profitable investment. This is because it provides superior protection from insects, especially mosquitoes in the summer. Mosquito nets also protect your home against the entry of dust and pollen out of the window which makes life easier for people with allergies. In our stock you can get a wide range of Mosquito nets which grew progressively opposite to the market requirements. Every new summer arrives with even more mosquitoes than before. This is mostly due to stagnant water in our surroundings. Changes in the climate are making more problems because it results with arriving new species of mosquitoes which transmit different infectious diseases. Namely mosquitoes such as the “tiger” mosquito (Aedes albopictus) are not authentic in our area but lately they are more and more frequent. Now days it is not only enough to have mosquito nets at night but also during the day because of the new mosquito species that have moved from the warmer parts.

Apollo Insect Protection

“Apollo” rolling insect screens for windows and doors are a cheap, simple and reliable product. In the wholesale the insect protections are being sold in 6 meters bars. By installation you can order the fly screen in size: maximum height up to 1,60 for windows and 2,40 for doors.

Available colors: White, Brown 8014, Silver 9006 and Green 6005 which we have constantly it our warehouse.

Orion sliding mosquito net

The fly screen system with horizontal movement Orion is new on our market. It works on a slide principle and can be totally opened because the nets get compressed into the frame which is also the case by “Plisse” mosquito nets. This product is ideal for window and door openings with a high frequency of passes, and the product is always available in our warehouse. The standard size: 4,6 m. Standard colors: white, brown 8014 and silver 9006 while other colors can be ordered.

The horizontal insect screen protection „Plisse“

The horizontal insect screen protection „Plisse“ is new on our market. She is composed of a  special memory nets that does not wrinkle and can always be returned in its original form. This type od insect screen protection must be ordered, and the time from order to delivery is minimum two weeks but it is worth waiting. This product is ideal for doors and openings with a high frequency of passes. This product is considerably more expensive than other types insect screen protections.

The horizontal movement “Gioconda” screen protection  is a low-budget solution of the „Plisse“ insect screen protection. The net has the same characteristics as the one from „Plisse“. The standard dimensions can be reduced by 25cm so that the final dimension can be adjusted according to the exact customer needs. It is specially constructed for doors and opening with a high frequency of passes. The difference between „Plisse“ net and Gioconda is that by Gioconda exists a threshold that serves as a guide channel for the net and that Gioconda has not a specified slide system like “Plisse” known as the scorpion tail.


Pivoting insect screen protection America is made of lightweight aluminum profile that is easy to install on any kind of window or door opening. The practical use of “America” insect screen protection is for doors or front doors. “America” possesses a spring system that returns the insect screen protection always in its first closed position, similar to the salon doors. You can combine this system by including two parts, one for bigger openings and one for doors in common measures.

Fixed mosquito net

Fixed fly screen protection „Praktika“ offers you a simple installation of the fly screen net on openings you want to protect permanently from insects. It is the cheapest variant snd offers you an opportunity of easy installation. It is available in 6m bars in white, brown 8014 and silver 9006 color.

Integrated mosquito net

The basic advantage of the integrated fly screen is that it does not occupy additional space, namely its guide channel is already included within the guide channel of the roller so that it is invisible.

The fly screen net is placed in the roller shutter box so that it does not require any maintenance. You can choose any box you want from our stock: EXTE box, MD box, outside boxes and under facade boxes which are available in our product assortment.

The advantage of the integrated fly screen is that if you choose a box which has the possibility of insect screen installation, you can install it afterwards.

Such examples can be seen in case of all our boxes with integrated insect screen protection where the insect screen protection can be installed and years after the installation of the roller shutters without any problems and additional costs. Depending on which system of boxes you had used for the insect screen protection it is necessary to provide the uni guide channel, while by other systems the guide channels are available for use.

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