We asked ourselves: What to install? Shutters? Blinds? Or Venetian? We consulted a specialist and asked for practical advice about protection from heat and cold.

His convincing and only recommendation is aluminum shutters with integrated screen protection.

Now we know that he truly gave us the best advices because the rolling shutters are not only effective against summer heats but they also provide a protection against winter cold. We learnt that the most part of the heat energy is lost through the glass on the windows but with the rolling shutters lowered down create a gap that prevents the loss of heat and energy. Only after installing insect screen protection we realized that there are no more mosquitoes, flies, gnats and other insects that otherwise relentlessly went into our living rooms.

Observed characteristics by roller shutters:

Protection from the sun

Protection from the cold

Protection from wind

Protection against outside noise

Protection against burglary

Protection from unwanted views Protection against insects, dust and pollen

Thermal insulation is very important because it prevents the loss of energy, reduces energy costs and helps create a more comfortable environment.

Aluminum rolling shutters with its thermal properties meet the environmental specifications which are needed for the proper construction of passive houses. Manufactured from aluminum and filled with polyurethane foam they offer at same time thermal and acoustic insulation.

Aluminum is resistant and rust free metal which combined with high quality polyurethane filling provides during the summer thermal protection from the sun and heat, and in winter from the wind and cold.

Shutters protect you from prying eyes, while natural lighting and ventilation can be adjust by the position of rolling shutters. Rolling shutters are characterized by easy and low operating noise. Rolling shutters made of aluminum materials are long lasting and require minimal maintenance. They can easily be cleaned with ordinary cleaning.

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