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Our mission is to provide prevention products and effective and effective protection of business and living space from all external climate influences (sun, rain, wind, heat and cold), insects and visual accessibility to improve the quality of work and living. Our vision is to accept business challenges and boldly step into areas and technologies in world markets, make them available to buyers and in BiH, and initiate new trends and ways of protecting business and livelihood.


Today EUROPROFIL d.o.o. One of the business leaders in the segment distribution segment for rolling shutter doors and mosquito nets with all accompanying parts. We are constantly investing in expanding our capabilities, providing adequate business space, where all of our customers can have easy and unobstructed access. In our business building, we have the headquarters of the company as well as the storage space to provide our customers with visualization and direct access to products from the assortment. Today, the company Europrofil in its 6,500 sqm business facility has more than 2,500 items for making all kinds of AL and PVC rolling shutters, roller shutters, sliding and fixed grids, multiple types of roller shutter and roller shutter engines and all the necessary accessories. All types of boxes can be found with or without integrated mosquito.


The company EUROPROFIL d.o.o., Mostar, was founded in 2002 as an entrepreneurial firm in the framework of the trends of the economic environment, the market needs and the beginning of the application of new technologies, materials and products in the segment of openings and openings. From the very beginning, we strive to expand the range of products and services, build corporate identity, develop business while respecting all standards, normative and market needs, with a high degree of satisfaction from our clients and colleagues.


Has built a highly recognizable corporate identity and brand of business leaders in BiH, but also with the same quality of service, it meets the requirements of clients and projects in the countries of the region and the EU. Our company is characterized by a strong team of sales staff and support teams, continuous product quality that we offer, partnerships with customers based on mutual trust and respect, high level of accountability and readiness for continuous improvement of business and professional skills improvement. Our company has flexible teams of competent, professional, trusted and experienced workers and colleagues who will be able to respond to all business challenges and propose the best and most efficient solutions and respond readily to the needs and inquiries of clients at home and abroad.


Our assortment includes reputable manufacturers, who with their high quality standards can meet all our customers' requirements. This Book 2017 - 2018 will provide you with all the products / systems from our range, technical details about it, the combination of features, and our teams are at your disposal for any further information you may need.


We offer a wide range of individual products and more than 20 (twenty) different types of PVC and AL boxes in various colors: the aluminum outer oval box, the aluminum outer half-light box, the aluminum outer box at an angle of 45 ° , Aluminum exterior outer casing box at 20 ° and 90 °, exact-Extex pvc, Expert-Exte box pvc, Elite-Exte box PVC, MD box (Multi-Rollbox, INLINE 225), Lehr Blackline XT box, outer blind. .. Boxes in our range meet the turbulent and demanding Western European market with the highest values Usb = 0.81W / (m2 * K) frsi = 0.71. The specificity of our offer is also reflected in the color and shade palette where the products can be delivered, more than 50 shades of color according to customer requirements.


Corporate Policy and Business Strategy EUROPROFIL d.o.o. They are also focused on recognizing social needs, improving and developing the social environment, as well as contributing to the promotion of job creation, environmental protection and job security for young professionals. This society pays special attention to nurturing and developing common cultural and corporate values, fair market competition, quality standards, customer protection and a positive business environment as a whole.

EUROPROFIL BOOK 2017 - 2018 will provide you with very interesting and comprehensive information about the company, assortment, capabilities ... We believe in positive business cooperation, our expertise and capacities, so feel free to contact us and we will certainly be able to answer your needs and inquiries.

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