Viomal S.A.

Viomal S.A. From Greece was established in 1985 and has over 30 years of experience in the production of aluminum rolling shutters with polyurethane filling. Polyurethane is simultaneously thermal and sound insulation.


Because of the high quality and density of polyurethane foam that fills the aluminum shutter, it provides a unique design and strength that allows maximum height and width for installation with equal safety.
The roller blinds are made of large aluminum rollers that are folded to specially designed machines and then filled with polyurethane foam.
All products are available in different RAL colors as well as most wood imitation to meet all architectural applications, traditional or modern architecture. Complex plasticisation processes provide the desired imitation of wood, without compromising the quality of polyurethane and hence the stiffness itself.

Quality control is performed through control numbers that are printed on each meter shielded from the inside of the jumper roll. This control system is ineffective but useful for quality control at any moment.
In addition to being different from the competition of polyurethane colors in shades of blue. In addition to the rolling shutter, Viomal offers all accessories for roller shutters, Becker engines and all products related to mosquito protection program, popular mosquitoes for horizontal and vertical lifting of innovative types and installation methods.

With its own plastic coating and dyeing factory, Viomal can also respond to the most demanding orders.
In June 1994, Viomal acquired ISO 9002 certification, and in February 2010 it is confirmed that Viomal products are in compliance with European norms that allow the CE certificate to be issued. Viomal is present in the markets (France, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, Hungary, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, Switzerland, Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kuwait, UAE, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Syria).


Exte has been designing shutter systems for decades. Generally, they are considered to be solving problems in the construction industry. With a wide range of experience accumulated since the beginning of 1959, Exte strives to speak the same language as their clients.

As a result of synergies with customers, they produce high-quality products and systems at attractive prices.
Their advantages are reflected in solutions based on experience and training, on modern tools, ecommodation, competent logistics, dynamic sales and distribution. Their approach is based on close co-operation with customers and orientation towards customer and market needs.

Sustainable development is what they emphasize in the sense of long-term cooperation, not short-term profits. The EXAKT box systems have always been at the top of the quality in Europe, and today with the new EXPERT system
ELITE quality, convenience and design are enhanced and innovated as they like to say in a simple way. Popular PVC boxes for shutters, ladders are now more convenient and easier to use. Exte operates in German,
European quality standards that are sold throughout the world.


Bearing in mind the dynamic and demanding market that is constantly changing, we have responded to the modern equipment of aluminum extrusion plants, electrostatic plating and anodic anoxing as well as machines
For the processing of aluminum profiles.

The products we offer to the market are various types of aluminum constructions used in construction and industry. Our development is based solely on the creation of our own professional team that follows the world's design trends and offers complete sets for the production of aluminum systems. Aluminum profiles and systems with their design can be tailored to the specific needs of clients in architecture (facades, windows, doors ...) and industry from idea to product design.

We control the quality and traceability of the production chain according to the standards prescribed by ISO 9001 and the CE mark.

Throughout the manufacturing chain, we use modern technology and protection tools, and we are continually controlling the requirements of ISO14001: 2004, which is our environmental concern. We own ISO certificates
3834 and 15085-2, which enable us to perform demanding welded aluminum structures. Our products with surface protection are manufactured according to Qualicoat, Qualanod and Qualideco certifications.
We perform FEAL quality testing in authorized laboratories: IGH-Zagreb, IFT-Rosenheim and GBD Bregenz.

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