Outside boxes

Untill now you had no rolling shutters, you do not want to remove the following windows due to high costs that it entails. At the same time you want an alluring design that will not affect the look of your house. Aluminium outdoor boxes are perfect for you. Outdoor boxes are used by for renovations and they have the possibility of integrated mosquito nets installation. In our stock you can find:

1. Oval outside box

2. Half oval shaped outside boxe

3. Outside box 45˚

4. Under-facade outside box 90˚ and 20˚

An important characteristic concerning the outdoor boxes is an interesting fact about its insulating ability. It does not only protect your windows and doors from all external influences such as rain, wind, sun, undesirable views and insects if you install the mosquito net.

At the same time the outside box is characterized by a great design and matches with the outside wall so if it is installed by an experienced assembler it will for sure make your home even more attractive and protect your windows from declension. These boxes are also characterized by exceptional quality and thickness which additionally increases the statics and strength of the box. You can order the outside boxes in all standard colors as in special colors customized but under special conditions.

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